• RidePower 4' Phone Charger Cable USB to Lighting


    The RidePower 4' USB to Lighting (iPhone 5 thru 7) charger cable.

    Used on any vehicle with a 12volt through 48volt electrical system with a USB port.

    Blocks data transfer when connected to sensitive power sources like laptops or rental vehicles

    Noise suppression of ignition noise

    RidePower is a rugged outdoor rated USB to Lighting (iPhone) cell phone charger cable. 

    It safely charges electronic devices on a Motorcycle, Jet Ski, ATV, Golf Cart, UTV, Motorized Wheelchair, auto, truck or other powered vehicles. 

    Charges iPhone 5 thru 7 (USB to Lightning). Power output is 5 volts at 1 amp.

    The RidePower has a built in integrated shorting protection circuitry.

    Rugged, dependable and water resistant,

    RidePower communicates with your phone to charge according to the level of charge.

    Almost no battery drain when device not connected. 

    The RidePower cable has a male USB connection on one end to quickly connect your USB socket and a male Lighting (iPhone) connector for your device on the other end.

    The RidePower cable length is 4 Ft