• Inductive Charging Phone QI Mount with Articulating Ball for Powered Sports Vehicles Handlebar, Perch or Mirror mounting Hardware Included in Kit

    $119.95 $99.00

    Special Pricing for Sturgis Rally until August 21 shipping in continential US

    Wireless QI phone charger mount for powered sports vehicles with fully articulate and adjustable mounting system.

    If your current phone charges on an inductive pad then this mount will charge it too 

    Handlebar, mirror or Perch mounted with mounting hardware included in kit

    Connects to power sources with 12 thru 32 V DC 

    Adapts to 7/8" thru 1 1/4" handlebars (Hardware included for handlebar, mirror or perch mounting)

    Full range of adjustability with ball mounting system

    Battery connector cable is 72" with ring battery terminals for easy installation

    On off switch with indicator light

    Kit includes mount with cable, sling for additional security, ball mounting or mirror hardware for handlebar or perch mount & instruction sheet 

    Durable ABS holder and all rugged metal mounting hardware

    CE certified

    One year Manufacturers warranty


    Do not place vehicle key FOB next to unit as it may interfere with the key FOB communications to vehicle

    Note: Inductive charging will not function if metal or magnet is between face of charger and phone.

           Magnets placed directly on the charger pad may damage the unit.

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