• Cell Phone Cable or Device Charger cable USB to USB-c or Type C 7.5" RidePower


    The RidePower Cell Phone Charger Cable 7.5 USB to USB-c or Type C is designed for tight places or short connections between the phone and powered source.

    RidePower is a rugged durable male USB to male USB-c cell phone or device charger cable. 

    Rugged for durability and dependable 

    The RidePower cable has a male USB connection on one end to quickly connect your USB socket and a male USB-c connector for your device on the other end.

    ·         Designed for rugged use.

    ·         Due to strict quality control process RidePower chargers have a one year manufactures replacement warranty.

    The RidePower total end to end cable length is 7.5"

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