• Cell Phone or Device Charging cable USB to Lightning 7.5" RidePower

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    The RidePower Cell Phone Charging Cable 7.5 USB to Lightning is designed for tight places or short connections between the phone and powered source.

    Glove boxes, phone mounts, storage bags

    RidePower is a rugged durable heavy duty USB to Lightning cell phone charger cable. 

    Rugged designed for durability and dependable 

    The RidePower cable has a male USB connection on one end to quickly connect your USB socket and a male Lightning connector for your 5 or newer device on the other end.

    The RidePower total cable length is 7.5" (end to end)

    ·         Designed for rugged use.

    ·         Due to strict quality control process RidePower chargers have a one year manufactures replacement warranty.

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