Remember that safety is always the #1 priority. Please read and follow all instructions from your vehicle’s manufacturer when installing any of our products.

Installing the battery terminal leads

Ring Terminal Harness

  • Refer to your owner’s manual for specific vehicle safety and warning information for the replacement/access to the 12-48 volt battery connections.
  • Note the RidePower circuitry automatically adjusts for voltages between 12V and 48V DC.
  • Follow the directions to gain access to the battery or power source.
  • Attach the BLACK cable of the Ring Terminal Harness to the NEGATIVE battery post or supply.
  • Attach the RED cable of the Ring Terminal Harness to the POSITIVE battery post or supply.
  • Ensure ALL connections are properly tightened.
  • Open the fuse holder and check the 7.5-amp standard automotive fuse to ensure it is properly installed
  • Close and secure the cover
  • Guide the Ring Terminal Harness cable to a point on your vehicle to provide an easy access to the Standard SAE connection.
  • Replace all covers for your vehicle in accordance with your owner’s manual.

RidePower Charger Cable Installation

Mounting your charger cable

  • Plug the RidePower charger into the ring terminal connection.
  • Thread the cable from the terminal connection to the desired mounting location of your device. 
  • Note: leave some room for movement of parts such as handle-bar or pedal sway.
  • Once you’ve ensured that the cable will not interfere with vehicle operation, attach the cord to either body panels or the vehicle frame.
  • Verify to ensure the RidePower charger has the correct room to securely connect it to the terminal (wiring) harness and reach the mounting location.
  • Plug in your mobile device directly with a micro USB connector, micro-usb to micro USB-C adapter or with the lighting adaptor (included) for iOS devices to test your installation.

Note: Some installations may require turning on your vehicle