Specs & Details for RidePower Charger Cable

RidePower Instructional Video

Fuse: 7.5 Amp Inline Automotive Fuse

Voltage: 12v through 48v input

Size: 6 or 10 Feet including 2' or 6' battery connector cable

Temperature Resistance: Extreme Cold: (0ºC / 32ºF) Extreme Heat: (110ºC / 230ºF)

Water Resistant: Yes

Material: Rubber and Metal

Tensile Strength: 25lbs 

Connection: Small and compact for easy installation via SAE to micro USB connections

Color: Black

Condition: New

Package Type: Retail

Maximum Current Output: 2A

Country of Origin: China

Warranty: 1 Year limited warranty 

RidePower Phone Charger Cable Dimensions: W .75 in. x D .5 in. x L 3.25 in. Cable Length: 4Ft