While Retired Marine Steve Young was on his jet-ski using an app on his phone to keep updated on the weather, tides and location, his phone battery would quickly die leaving him without communication when he needed it the most. 

After an extensive online search for phone chargers he quickly realized they were none available to meet his needs. None were made for sports vehicles that were reliable or durable. More than once he shorted out his devices using available non-protected products found in the market. 

He decided to developed his own solution! 

After researching, experimenting and testing different ways to charge his phone he came up with the idea while plugging in his battery tender on his motorcycle. 

Steve Young still remembers very clearly as one day his motorcycle was parked at a gas station.  

A man asked:

Where did you buy that charger? I need one.

He replied: I made it.

That's when he knew he was into something potentially great. The demand was already there, he just needed to supply the right product which is RidePower!