Rugged Phone Chargers

  • Rugged Motor Sports accessories 
  • Inductive charging phone mounts and holders
  • Portable Power Bank to charge phones anywhere + Solar backup
  • RidePower Charging cables include an integrated management technology for optimum charging
  •     USB rugged data and charging cables without charging technology
  •     USB & SAE adapters
  •     SAE battery connector cables
  •     SAE to dual USB adapters with voltage display
  •     Phone mounts for powered sports vehicles.

RidePower Cables

RidePower is a leading recognized brand in charging portable devices.
Products include
        Portable Phone Charging Banks with 2 USB Ports, LEd light. Solar Backup
        Phone charger cables with an integrated management technology for optimum               charging of your device (48").
        USB, SAE, USBc, Lightning Charging cables in a variety of lenghts (7 1/2" to 40")
        Phone mounts with Inductive QI charging technology
        SAE to Dual USB Adapter with digital voltage readout